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Scarf and milk glass teacup from

Once again, I have been a bit neglectful of this space, but trust me, I have a pretty good reason for my absence.  Over the past few months I have been developing my own online vintage shop, Evelyn’s Vintage and Fine Handcrafts.  The site officially launches tonight at midnight (East coast, USA time, depending on where you are in the world) at  I would love it if you stopped by to check it out!

I am so thankful to every one who has read, followed, liked, commented, or even just browsed this blog, in many ways it led me to launching Evelyn’s.  I am definitely not saying this is the end of this blog.  You may even see something similar to it on the Evelyn’s site in the near future.

So don’t be a stranger, stop by the shop,, anytime.

Or catch us on or follow us @Evelyns_Vintage

Much love and good (vintage) shoes,



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