Metallics are an easy way to add instant shine to summer ensembles.  Lately, however, I have seen a new breed of sheen creeping up on the shine horizon, a fluid, iridescent glow reflecting a rainbow of hues when it captures the light.  I propose we give our heavy metal a rest and take these iridescents for a spin.

An all-over, yet delicate, understated, embellishment gives this iridescent look versatility; Marios Schwab Resort 2013

Iridescents can really pack a punch, so if you are feeling a little skittish start small, with an accessory or an embellishment.  This Urban Outfitters ring by Sarah Lewis would be the perfect departure for your ascent into iridescence.

Erin Fetherston at the 2012 CFDA awards in her own iridescent piece

An all-over iridescent piece from Dion Lee Resort 2013















If you are ready for an all-over iridescent, brava!  But be aware, the fit must be impeccable and be conscious of what you pair it with.  Your frock can go from classy to trashy all thanks to a pair of fish nets—not a good pairing choice for iridescents, by the way.  Keep in mind, the iridescent is the statement piece, everything else should compliment it.

Now go have fun with these glimmering beauties!

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