Lately I have been noticing, regardless of age or background, there are many people out there struggling with a common fashion faux pas: poor fit.  You would think this would be an easy question to overcome in the fitting room, “does this fit?”  And yet, so many people struggle with it when they squeeze into skinny jeans or button up a blazer.  But no more!  I am here to help with a few simple guidelines to apply to your next shopping trip.

Shoulder Seams: This is the first thing I look at to see if a top is fitting properly.  They are called shoulder seams because they should align with the shoulders—easy enough!  Take cues from these visual guides and your blouses and blazers will look super sharp.

The shoulder seams accentuate the great fit of this suit, Donna Karan Fall 2012

The shoulder seams accentuate the great fit of this suit, Donna Karan, Fall 2012

I do love a clearly defined shoulder seam, Valentino Fall2012

I do love a clearly defined shoulder seam, Valentino, Fall 2012

Torque No More: If you are noticing creases of fabric across your crotch and hips when you try on a skirt, dress, or pants, try going up a size.  There’s too much surface area and not enough fabric to stretch across it.  Finding the right size will also keep the garment from riding up or sliding down, if you have struggled with this problem in the past.

Side Note: Do not be embarrassed about going up a size—or even two.  Wearing what fits is what truly slims you.  Squeezing into clothes that do not fit is an unflattering look for any size or shape.  Besides, only you can see that number on the inside of your garment, so stop obsessing about it!

You know boning is helping her keep this one up!  Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

You know boning is helping her keep this one up! No tugging necessary. Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012

Finding True Straplessness: Tired of tugging at your strapless dresses?  I will tell you one secret to look for in your next strapless stunner that will set your arms free from the tugging tussle.  Any decent dressmaker knows that a well-constructed dress needs to hang from either the shoulders or the hips.  So when you are looking for a quality strapless, it needs boning on the inside to rest on your hips and not slide down your torso, causing a wardrobe malfunction.  I know we have all unzipped our share of strapless wonders to find all sorts of dressmaking ingenuity inside, but no amount of elastic or rubber banding can keep the tugging at bay.  Once you go boning—trust me—you will never go back.

A coat that's perfect for layering, Louis Vuitton Fall 2012

A coat that's perfect for layering, Louis Vuitton, Fall 2012

The Layering Factor: Consider the end use of the garment.  Will this pea coat star in your Fall/Winter rotation, snuggling up with chunky knits and cozy hoodies?  Then you should probably opt for one with a little wiggle room if you are trying it on with a thin white t-shirt.  On the other hand, say you are donning a slick motorcycle jacket over the same tee.  Go with the more formfitting size, if your intention is to use the jacket as a Spring/Summer piece, pairing it with flirty skirts or cutoff shorts.

I think we are off to an excellent start.  Now get out there and start building your fit wardrobe!

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